Fashion Friday – 25th March 2016

Good Friday wishes to you all! As its Easter weekend, it seemed only fitting that we had a Spring/Easter themed outfit for today so Tabitha has dressed as the Easter bunny for you, ready to deliver you some yummy chocolate eggs!


For those that are new to us, Tabitha is a natural skin Littlefee Ante from Fairyland, with the default faceup. As usual, she is wearing her wig from Kemper, her eyes from Mako and her crown from Pipos 🙂

Her resin bunny ears are from Fairyland. They are from the Realfee May fullset but when orders first opened for the Realfee, you could get the ears too with the other Realfee so I got them with my Pano and Soso. They are magnetic.

Her necklace is the same one that I made for her myself that she’s been wearing for a few weeks. I would have to take her wig off to take it off and I don’t want to at the moment as her wig always gets messy (or should I say, messier) when I take it on and off so for now she keeps it on haha!

Her lovely t-shirt is from Spampy Stuff and I just love it with the cute little ruffle sleeves. Its a great basic piece to have too as I can mix and match it with a lot of things. Her adorable leggings were a gift from icantdance and I just love them so much. If you look at the other photos, you can see that they have a little bunny tail on the back ❤

Finally, her amazing slippers were from NiraDolls. She takes custom orders and can do them in different sizes and colors and they really are fantastic ❤

Thank you for looking at Fashion Friday today and Happy Easter greetings to you all!



Review: Starrshine Designs

A few weeks ago, I ordered some clothes and accessories for Will (my Doll Chateau Hugh) from Starrshine Designs on Etsy. They had a sale on with 25% off everything in the shop so even though I am often wary of ordering from US sellers because of the possibility of having to pay customs charges, the opportunity was too good to miss!

I ordered on 13th February and there was a notice in the shop saying it may take up to 3 weeks for items to be made but that wasn’t a problem for me. My order was shipped on 10th March so it was actually just over 3 weeks but again, not a huge problem for me; and it arrived here yesterday, luckily without me having to pay any customs charges – hurrah!

I ordered a long sleeve grey t-shirt, a short sleeve grey t-shirt and a short sleeve red t-shirt. My intention was to iron some transfers on to them but I actually quite like them blank so I haven’t decided what to do about that yet. I also ordered him a tank top and shorts for use as his pajamas; and a fabulous bat print messenger bag. I think the clothes will all fit him well. I have only tried the red t-shirt on him so far as the only downside for me is that I have to remove his head to put them on and that is quite difficult for me to do with one arm. However, its not a huge deal and I do prefer them aesthetically for having no fastenings at the back.


The messenger bag is really fantastic! It has an adjustable strap and is fully lined, with pockets both inside and at the back of the bag. The flap secures shut with poppers. There was a little notebook in one of the back pockets but Will doesn’t care hugely for the print so he will probably give that to his little sisters 😉



I also ordered Will some notebooks and a sketchbook which I am super thrilled with, especially the sketch pad and the composition notebooks.

All in all, I am really happy with everything I received. Its all really well made and was excellent value. From what I’ve seen, they often run sales or promotions so I will definitely be shopping with them again in the future. There are some pictures below of Will in the red t-shirt with the messenger bag and one of the composition notebooks to give you an idea of size.


Fashion Friday – 18th March 2016

I think it was pretty obvious that our model today was going to be Hanni 😀 In case anyone missed it, he is a Haru Casting Adori in Volks Old Yellow resin, with a faceup by Sally Luk. He wears a size 6/7 wig from For My Doll, and his eyes are 12mm glass from Alice’s Collections.


As you can see, instead of the plain wall, we have a backdrop today 🙂 I have started to gather wallpaper samples and glue them to pieces of strong card so I can make the backgrounds a bit more interesting in future so I hope you’ll find this new change enjoyable.

Hanni’s hat was from a Liv fashion doll. Unfortunately I can’t remember which one but it may have been Katie or Hayden. They aren’t produced anymore but you can still pick them up on ebay sometimes. His shirt is also from a discontinued fashion doll – a JLS “Aston” Doll – but again, you can still pick them up online on Amazon and Ebay (and the jeans the doll comes with also fit wonderfully too). I got the shorts from Tabloach but they are actually for Ken doll so again, you may be able to find some similar on her site or on Ebay etc.

His vest is from Tata’s Paradise. It does up with velcro at the back and it goes all the way down so you don’t have to take his head off or bend his arms into funny positions to get it on or anything 🙂

The shoes have been shown at least 2 times before on Fashion Friday but they are one of the best pairs we have so sorry I keep using them! They are so versatile too as you can wear them totally up like this, or with the sides turned down etc. They are from Ruby Red Galleria but sadly, I don’t think they have them in stock anymore. It may be worth checking DDE in case they have any stock left of them as I know they had them at one point too 😉