Box Opening: Haru Casting Adori

Regular readers will hopefully be aware of my doll Hanni, who was a Haru Casting Adori head on a Littlefee body. Well today we had some exciting mail! When Haru opened up for orders, I knew I had to get the smiling Adori head and the proper Adori body for my boy and today they arrived home. Haru made them really fast and I was lucky enough to have ordered quick enough to be in the first batch of Adori’s to be sent out. Unfortunately my boy got caught in UK customs and was there for almost 2 weeks before finally being released with charges of £24. Boo 😦 However, he is totally worth it!

As I said before, I already had a normal Adori head which Haru had sent me previously as a gift. That head was in Volks Old Yellow to match a Littlefee body as closely as possible as that was the body the head was going to be going on at the time. I knew when I saw the Smiling Adori head that I wanted it to be the same character as my normal head so I ordered it and the body in Volks Old Yellow so that they would match. I have seen some stunning tan Adori’s arriving at their new homes though so if Haru does release a new sculpt in the future, I think I would get it in one of the tan colours.

This was what greeted me when I opened up the box. Everything was packed really nicely and Haru sent the sweetest note and some yummy looking Korean snacks which I am sure myself and my Dad will enjoy later 🙂



He also came with an extra hand and also a special necklace with the Adori hand in red resin, with his COA card attached. I just adore the necklace so much, it is so cute. I’m sure I will wear it when I take Hanni out and about on adventures 🙂



He comes in a simple red box with “Haru Casting Adori” and the contact email address on a sticker on the front. Inside, he is wrapped in pretty paper held together with an adorable sticker of Haru’s son Adori whom the doll is modeled on; and inside that he is wrapped up in bubble wrap.




And so here he is! I ordered him on the version 2 body which is double jointed (I believe the version 1 body is only single jointed). His resin is really lovely and smooth and the colour is really nice too. He has a few seam lines but nothing horrific, no worse than most larger companies.

He is double jointed as I said, and his posing really is fantastic. He is really nicely strung and holds his poses really, really well. His arm range is fantastic and he can easily hold them up in the air, touch his face, put his hands on his hips etc.

He has a split torso which helps him to slouch quite nicely. I didn’t capture it in a photo but it can lean back slightly, however it does pop back again if you aren’t too careful. Some simple glue sueding may help with that though.

His knees are double jointed and so his legs have a pretty good range of movement. Again, I forgot to take a photo but whilst he can sit really nicely and in some nice positions, he can’t kneel at all. He can sit with his legs bent and out sideways really nicely though which compensates for that. I will take some pictures tomorrow to show you.



He has little ledges on the tops of his legs at the hips so that his legs lock into place when he sets down so he is nice and secure.


The coolest discovery for me was that his teeth are an extra separate piece of white resin, held in place by putty. I don’t know why but I just found this really cool 🙂



Overall, I am so incredibly impressed with this little doll. He is beautifully sculpted and his body is just fantastic. I have had a lot of different YOSD size dolls over the years and besides Littlefee, this has got to be my favourite body I have had due to its aesthetics and its great posing abilities. Tomorrow I will be sending the smiling head away to get a matching faceup to the normal head so for now, I have popped the normal head onto the body so say hello again to my darling Hanni ❤

I will do another size comparison photo tomorrow to show him with all my other YOSD-ish size dolls, but for now, here is a quick one of him next to a Littlefee. As you can see, he is slightly taller and a little less chunky, but I think they look lovely together 🙂