Time with Tabby

I have been really unwell for the past few months which has meant I haven’t been that motivated to pick up my camera very often. However, a couple of weekends ago I went to stay with my parents at their caravan and took Tabby (Tabitha) along with me and although we didn’t get up to anything adventurous, we did do some colouring in together 🙂

As usual she is in a eclectic mixture of clothing! Her top is by icantdance, her strap shorts and necklace are by Spampy, her shoes are Boneka and her tights are by an unknown maker. For those that don’t know Tabby well, she always wears her crown (which is from Pipos) as she is my princess ❤


5StarDoll Aiden 5

I had a new addition to the family this week in the form of an Aiden 5 from 5StarDoll. He was released by 5StarDoll in June and is limited to 50 dolls worldwide. He is on their new smaller YOSD body of 26cm (previously 5SD YOSDs were only available on 30cm bodies making them quite tall compared to many YOSDs); and has a limited resin colour of “Moon Grey”. A female companion doll, Yami, was released at the same time with a limited purple resin colour and again, limited to 50 dolls worldwide. Sadly I could not afford both but I had been wanting an Aiden for such a long time so it had to be him that came home to me 😉 He has been named Brave because he was my reward to myself for doing something very brave.

I’ve never had a 5SD YOSD before but I am seriously impressed. Granted, his posing is not a patch on Fairyland’s Littlefee which are the dolls I usually covet; but really, I am yet to come across any that match up to them equally (and believe me, I have tried A LOT of different dolls!). However, in comparison to other YOSDs I have tried, he is pretty darn good; especially considering he is on their Type B body which is less articulated than the Type A body that they also offer (although they didn’t offer it for Aiden 5 otherwise I’d have got it). His joints didn’t hold their poses too well when he first arrived so I have had to glue suede him but I usually do that to all my dolls anyway and now its done, he stands and poses like a rock. The only thing I don’t like with regards to posing is the jointed claw hand. The claws on the hand are strung on so you can pose them but I actually hate it because its difficult to pose them to look natural so I have replaced it with his spare human hand for now. I will try again with the claw hand later on but for now, I have gone with simplicity 🙂

I ordered Brave with the default faceup which is stunning; and the eyes they gave him go really well with it too. Eventually I will get him some Mako’s but his default eyes are perfectly acceptable for now. With the original Aiden’s, a lot of people had problems finding clothes to fit them well because they were quite a lot taller than the average YOSD; but as Aiden 5 is on 5SD’s new smaller body, he can wear pretty much all the clothes I have for my Littlefee. A few of the things are a bit short in the torso or on the leg but most of it fits perfectly fine; and TTYA stuff fits him very well. Below is a photo showing the height difference between him, a Littlefee, a Littlefee Baby and a Realfee.

Size Comparison

I certainly expect to get another 5SD YOSD in the future, but possibly on the 30cm body next time to hybrid with a Fairyland Littlefee head to create an older sibling for them. Its unlikely I will integrate Brave with my Fairyland dolls, he will most likely be a stand alone doll. For a start, he is part dinosaur so I’m not sure he’d really fit in 😀