New Faces

I’ve had some new faces here lately so I thought I better introduce you to them all quickly 🙂



You already saw my Smiling Adori from Haru Casting in his box opening post but of course, he arrived blank so he had to be sent away to be painted to match my normal Adori head who had been sharing a Littlefee body. Well the smiling head is back from being painted now and I am thrilled because it really still looks like Hanni so I am going to enjoy having the two different heads to use in photos.

I also sent a Realfee Pupu faceplate away with him and she arrived back with him too. She will have to share a body with my boy Realfee for now but she is just so darn adorable that I will need to get a body for her at some point. I used to have a Realpuki Pupu (in fact, I had one twice lol) but she was just too small for me so I am thrilled to have this adorable face again in a size I love. She will be the same character that my Realpuki Pupu was so say hello to Mumble Pie ❤

Finally, you met my new Littlefee Lishe on Friday in the Fashion Friday post but I’ll show her again quickly. I wasn’t expecting her so soon! She literally took a month to be made and arrive brand new from Fairyland! I’ve never had a doll so quickly from them before. Her name is Bronwyn (Wyn for short).