York Doll Meet – Part 1

I went to York at the weekend for a mini weekend break with my family, but also so that I could see my best friend Emma and host a doll meet at the holiday cabin we stayed at on the Sunday. There were 6 of us in total but between us we had HUNDREDS of dolls there, from Blythe to BJD’s of every shape and size! It was a truly wonderful day with the most beautiful weather. Thank you so much to Emma, Jane, Sheila, Laura, and Harmy for coming ❀

These were the dolls that I took with me; Brave (5StarDoll Aiden), Hanni (Haru Casting Adori), Will (Doll Chateau Hugh), Odie (Realfee Pano), Budo (Realfee Soso), Nala (EveStudios 5cm Cat), Tabitha (Littlefee Ante), and Pidgin the Troll.


Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos as I just find it so much more difficult to take pictures easily at the moment due to my illness, but I thoroughly enjoyed just looking at everyone’s beautiful dolls and seeing and holding dolls that I have been curious about and that I have greatly admired in other people’s photos etc.

The little cutie in the pics below belongs to Harmy and is a Humpty doll by Nefer Kane. She is beautiful and her resin is so smooth and silky ❀

There were a few tinies in attendance, including Sheila’s tan Pukipuki Darjeeling, Harmy’s Luts Tiny Delf,Β Emma’s Lati Yellow Happy (Bea), her Pukifee Pupu (Una), and her little Cu-Poche figure (there were others as well but sadly I didn’t get pics of everyone).

There were SO MANY Blythe’s in attendance but as I said, I hardly got any photos of themΒ and most of them came out terrible (I really struggle with taking Blythe photos) so the only half decent one I took was of Harmy’s beautiful girl Teddy. There were several Pullip’s too belonging to Emma (the girl with the white hair) and Harmy (the girls with the black hair) whom I find much easier to photograph. I used to collect Dal’s and Pullip’s and could definitely be tempted to get another one some day.

I also previously owned a Jerry Berry for a short while but ended up selling it to get another doll I wanted more at the time. However, I have been curious about trying one again lately as an alternative to Blythe as I found them much easier to photograph. I was lucky enough to meet two at the meet, including little Honeysuckle who belongs to Jane (shown with my cat, Nala, in the photos). Both of them were absolutely gorgeous and they really do have such enchanting faces. I could definitely be tempted by one again in the future πŸ™‚

I was lucky enough to meet a Lati Green which has always been an aim of mine as I was curious to see the height difference between them and Littlefee in real life and to see how their posing is etc. This beautiful girl belonged to Sheila and I believe she is a Ronnie on the old style of Lati Green body. The height next to Littlefee is perfect to me for a slightly older sibling; they just work really well together. The posing is also a lot better than I was expecting too. I’d heard bad things about them and I am usually very fussy with regards to posing, but I think I could definitely cope with the abilities of a Lati Green on this body. I would definitely consider getting one in the future.

I also met Harmy’s Dana Koo who has the most lovely face and adorable little teeth, Harmy’s absolutely stunning Supia Rosy (Rogue), a little Aileen Doll Polymorph Rot, and Emma’s stunning Fairyland Minifee FLAM Event Head boy ❀

Of all the dolls I met though, the one that left the biggest impression on me was Jane’s wonderful Hazel, who is a Dolls Town Seola on the 7 Years Body. I have been considering a Dolls Town 7 Years girl for a while but I wanted to see one in real life before I made the final decision so I could decide if I’d be happy with the posing etc. After meeting Hazel, I have concluded that I absolutely am! As a result, two of my current dolls will be going up for sale in the next few days so I can bring one of these girls home instead ❀

Check back tomorrow when I will post some more photos from the meet of some of the dolls exploring outside πŸ™‚