Gathering for Ganga

Those of you that follow me on other social media may know that I am waiting on a new doll after selling off some others in my collection recently. The doll in question is a Dollstown Ganga on the 7 years body (the new version) in Pure Oriental Skin. When I ordered she was in stock, she’s been shipped and is now awaiting sorting after arriving at Heathrow Airport in London on Saturday evening! I am so excited to meet her but I suspect she will be stuck in customs for a while before being released to me; and then when she arrives I will have to send her away for a faceup as unfortunately Dollstown do not offer faceups at the moment.

I have been preparing for her arrival by ordering her some clothes that will fit which has been a difficult task as I have had problems finding things in the style I like for her size; but I have a couple of things on the way and something else on order that should work out OK. I am waiting for a couple of wigs to arrive too so hopefully one of those will be suitable.

Also, I have been busy finding little props and things that will work for her and thought I might share some of them with you. I already have some things here that will work but I’ve also enjoyed keeping an eye out for new things too. The first thing I found was this Snow White puzzle. It was in Tesco (a supermarket here in the UK) and was only £1 so I snapped it up straight away as the box and pieces should be the perfect size for her. They had all the other Disney princesses too so I’m sure I’ll end up getting a couple more at some point.

The next items were all found at local car boot sales, the first being this picnic basket that I got for 50p. It may be a little large but as she is a child, it won’t matter. Now I need to sort some things for her to take on a picnic!

And lastly, I was thrilled to get these old style Winnie the Pooh toys for just 20p each! They will probably work out as quite big plushies for her but I think they should be just fine 🙂 With any luck, she will be home this week or next week and I’ll do a quick box opening shoot before sending her off to get her faceup done so keep an eye out for that 😉



Fashion Friday – 27th May 2016

Emma requested to see Asa this week so her wish has been granted 🙂 I have to say I do find it harder to put interesting and different outfits together for the boys. They have a lot less clothes than my girls and boy clothes are always so standard. I’m hoping to get them some more interesting pieces soon though so hopefully then they can feature in Fashion Friday a little more often 🙂


Asa is a Fairyland Littlefee Shiwoo in natural skin with the default faceup. His wig is from Crobidoll and his eyes are from Mako.

His neckerchief has been featured in Fashion Friday before but I really do adore it. It is from Spampy Stuff, as is his dog print top. I am currently on the Spampy waiting list so I think I will definitely have to ask for another of the neckerchiefs when my turn comes up 🙂

Asa’s pants are from Crobidoll and are one of my favourite pairs I have for the boys (though the girls have worn them before too). I love the detail of the turn-ups and little pockets (decorative only) on the front and back. The only slight issue with them is they are tight at the bottom so you need to remove his feet to get them on. As you can see, he is wearing odd socks as I couldn’t find a matching pair, haha! They were both from icantdance 😉

His puppy pal is Maggie and she was made by DaisyDayes, and the piano is a baby toy that I picked up secondhand and is just perfect as a play piano for the dolls 🙂

If anyone has any requests as to who they would like to see in Fashion Friday next week, do let me know 🙂


Duds for Disney’s

I have 3 of the large Disney Animator Toddler dolls from the Disney Store  (as well as 6 of the mini ones) but I don’t really like to keep them in their stock outfits so I ordered some clothes for them from Etsy recently which came a couple of weeks ago and I finally got round to taking some photographs of them.


The dolls I have are Merida, Kristoff and Aurora. I’m not sure I’ll get any more as they are pretty big and therefore hard to store/display. I’m tempted by Jasmine or Snow White so I have a darker haired girl but I’m holding out to see if they release any others that I prefer in the future.

The shop I ordered from was based in the Ukraine and is called FairyTaleLOVEit. I actually only ordered 2 outfits as I already had one for Merida, but I was very pleased to get a message from the shop owner after I ordered saying she was running a promotion in the shop which meant I could choose one free thing from a selection she showed me.

The two outfits I actually ordered were the ones Merida and Kristoff are wearing and the one I selected for free is the one Aurora is wearing. I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with all the items and with the service from FairyTaleLOVEit. The shop owner responded very quickly to any questions and shipped really quickly. It took a little while to arrive (about a week and a half) but that isn’t surprising coming from Ukraine. Everything was packaged really well (sorry, I forgot to take pictures!) and it is all SO well made! The prices are terrific too so I would highly recommend this shop and I’m sure I will be ordering again. Thank you so much!!