What We Did in 2015

I made a little slideshow video showing all the adventures the Little Cupboard gang got up to in 2015 and thought you all might like to see it. I will probably do them every year now. I didn’t get to take as many photos as I normally would last year due to my illness, but in making this I was able to see that actually, we did accomplish a lot after all despite it 🙂


Christmas Portraits – Part 2

Here is the second installment of my Christmas portraits set. In these photos you will find my bigger dolls:

Tabitha (Littlefee Ante)
Asa (Littlefee Shiwoo)
Edward (Littlefee Piki)
Matilda (Littlefee Madeleine)
Hanni (Haru Casting Adori/Littlefee Hybrid)
Connie (Littlefee Baby Ruru)
Brave (5StarDoll Aiden)
Bullseye (Camellia Dynasty Sage Horse)