Christmas Portraits – Part 1

I took photos of all the dolls by the Christmas tree for some nice festive portraits. The lighting wasn’t great so they are a little grainy but they will have to do!

In these photos you will find the smaller dolls and the pets 🙂

Odie (Realfee Pano)
Budo (Realfee Soso)
Gus (Pukipuki Piki)
Gulliver (Pipos Cheshire)
Nala (EveStudios Cat)
Stuart Little (Elfdoll Edward)
Frankenweenie, Maggie, Buddy & Poppy (DaisyDayes Puppies)
Queenie (DaisyDayes Chicken)
Arlo (Iplehouse Pet Doll Beagle Puppy)