Nala’s New Toy

I wanted to share something I made recently with you. Unfortunately I didn’t write a tutorial as its something I just threw together with some bits and bobs I had lying around and wasn’t really planned. My mum had to help me a bit because I still only have the use of one arm so crafting can be quite a challenge! It was mostly my own work though ๐Ÿ˜‰

So the thing I made was a cat tree for Nala, my EveStudios cat! Its something I’d been wanting to make for a while but never got round to it, and its not exactly what I had in mind, but I am still pretty thrilled with it!


The base is a piece of sturdy card (cut from an old box) with a piece of fleece fabric glued to it; and the sleeping platform at the top is the same, but its stuffed with some stuffing from one of my real dog’s toys that she had torn to shreds earlier in the evening haha! The scratching post is a sturdy cardboard tube with twine threaded all the way around it; and the tunnel tube is another sturdy cardboard tube covered with hessian fabric. So basically, all I used was an old cardboard box, some old fleece fabric, some dog toy stuffing (lol!), some twine and a bit of glue and sticky back plastic!

I would prefer the scratching post tube to be taller but for a first attempt I am pretty happy. I may make another one in the future but this one is more than adequate for now and Nala seems pretty pleased with it too ๐Ÿ™‚



Fashion Friday – 29th Jan 2016

Matilda (or Matty, as she is sometimes known) is the model today. She is a Littlefee Madeleine in tan skin with the default Fairyland faceup. She wears brown Mako eyes (size 14mm) and her wig is a “Tyra” by Monique in a size 6/7 which I purchased through Facets by Marcia.


She is wearing a t-shirt and overalls set from GguoDOLL on Etsy. They generally seem to make Blythe size clothing but every now and then they offer up some of their stuff in YOSD size and as soon as I saw this set, I just had to snap it up ๐Ÿ˜€ As you can see, the overalls have an awesome cat face (with a little heart shaped nose!) printed on the front complete with kitty ears and kitty paws on the pockets. The pockets, by the way, are real working pockets which always really excites me haha! The straps have little elastic loops on so they fasten onto the buttons behind the kitty ears. They also have buckles on the back which you can use to make them longer or shorter.The t-shirt closes at the back with poppers; plus, I’ve realised I forgot to take a picture of it so you could see, but it also has the same cat face that isย on the front of the overalls printed on it.

Her socks I believe are from Spampy Stuff whom I have mentioned in several Fashion Friday posts already; and her shoes are from Ruby Red Galleria. They were originally for the “In Motion” girl dolls they sell and are sadly now sold out. They are a little pointy in the toe for my liking but aside from that I really love them and they can be worn with the laces tied all the way to the top, or slouchy.


Adori is Available!

24190973449_15113864bd_oI found out some great news that I have to share with you all and it is that you can now pre-order your own Adori from Haru Casting!! As some of you know, I already have an Adori head that Haru sent to me as a gift and which I have on a Littlefee body. However, now you can order a complete Adori doll direct from Haru Casting!

There are 2 different bodies available and lots of different options for resin colour, as well as TWO heads – Regularย Adori and Smiling Adori, and you can choose just one, or both of them. I think you can just order the heads on their own too but you’ll have to email Haru and double check that. I believe you can also do a 2 part layaway but again, you’ll have to check with Haru.


So you know what happened right? Of course, a Smiling Adori will be coming home here ๐Ÿ˜€ I have ordered a Smiling Adori on the Version 2 body in the Volks Normal skin so that it matches my current Adori head. Then Hanni (my Adori) will move off the Littlefee body onto the actual Adori body and I will alternate the heads depending on which one I want to use in photos. I can then sell the Littlefee body (well actually it will be sold as a complete doll, a Littlefee Piki) to get funds to go towards another doll I want to get. I will send the smiling head to the same person who painted my normal Adori head and get her to do a matching faceup ๐Ÿ™‚

The pictures I have used in this post belong to Haru Casting. For more information on the prices for ordering Adori, check their website here. In case you have difficulty finding the contact email, you can email Haruย at this address.