Recent Dolly Finds

I am always on the lookout for things I can use as props and accessories for my dolls so I thoughtΒ it might be nice to show you some of the things I find now and then. A lot of the time they are lucky finds from charity shops or car boot sales; but sometimes I find something cool in craft shops and things too so hopefully those things in particular may be things you’ll also be able to go out and get πŸ™‚ I do also sell doll furniture and props on Ebay from time to time so make sure you check my profile out regularly to see what I’ve got. My username is frostbytefamily123 and whilst my listings say I will only ship within the UK, if you are really interested in something but live abroad, message me and we’ll see if we can work something out πŸ˜‰

The first thing I found recently was this little wooden cabinet in a thrift shop. Its a really nice size for my Littlefee dolls as you can see; and will be useful for little diorama settings once it has some nice thing stored in it. The drawer opens and the cupboard doors open. The only thing I want to change about it is I want to put a little shelf in the tall cupboards to make them a more useful space.


I found this chair in another thrift shop. Its a little big for Littlefee but I think Tabby looks cute sitting on it. The legs aren’t actually quite tall enough for Will as he is a rather gangly young man but it works ok. It would probably fit a Minifee a bit better as they are a little shorter than Will. I probably won’t keep this one as I have a few chairs already so it may be up on Ebay soon πŸ˜‰

My friend Jane posted about this next item on her Flickr account after finding it for her dolls. Its from a shop we have here in the UK called B&M which sells the most random selection of items at fairly low prices and I go quite often to see what random bits they have in the home decor section as I have got a “wardrobe” for the Littlefee there before among other things. This was in the gardening section as its meant to be a little planter. It came in several colors apparently but this was the one my mum picked out for me (she went to get it for me as I was too poorly to go out). My Realfee are going to use it to sell flowers πŸ™‚ I need to find them a little crate to stand on when doing so though as they are a little short next to it πŸ˜€

Finally, I found some awesome dolly sized sweets (candy) a little while ago that I am particularly thrilled about as I love finding real food for dolls πŸ™‚ They are tiny packets of Nerds!! Love them myself so super pleased to have some for the dolls hehe. They were from a shop here in the UK called Home Bargains which is like the one mentioned earlier with loads of random stuff at super cheap prices. They came in a little plastic cup with some other American candy. Most of the cups only had one packet of nerds in each so I was nearly going to buy two to make sure I got both flavors when I spotted a cup with both flavor packets in πŸ™‚ I haven’t opened either of the packets but I might at some point for proper photos as I can always buy a bigger box to replace them with to use again in the future right? Hehe πŸ˜€


Fashion Friday – 26th Feb 2016

Connie is our little model today. Since the gang now have lightsaber’s, she figured it was the perfect time to show off one of her favourite dresses πŸ˜‰


In case some of you who have been with us since the start of Fashion Friday were wondering by the way, I keep putting the sources for wigs and items seen before in every post they appear in just in case any new readers want to know where they are from, to save them having to search old posts etc. So as many of you will know, Connie’s eyes are from Mako, her wig is from Fairyland and her hairband is icantdance. She is also wearing socks I have shown before which were from Dolly Matters by Ruskyles.

Her dress is one of my favorites, and it is actually a Blythe dress! It was made by Milky Robot who sadly doesn’t seem to make anything for Blythe these days, but you can sometimes pick them up on the secondhand marketplace. Connie actually has a few Blythe dresses that fit her. If you tend to go for ones that are a loose smock-style they will generally be ok; but you have to be careful with sleeves as Blythe arms are a lot skinnier. That wasn’t a problem with this dress of course though as it doesn’t have any. Anyhow, it fits really well so if you can find any of these style Milky Robot dresses secondhand, they are worth snapping up πŸ™‚

The sneakers are from MimiWoo and are sold as Hujoo size shoes. She often has sales on shoes so its worth checking often to see what offers she has on. They are a little chunky but the best I have found in a sneaker style for Littlefee Baby. A little tip though in case you were wondering, they are too big for Realfee πŸ˜‰

Finally, I got the lightsaber on Amazon from a company called MiniSabers that sell them as keyrings. But as you can see, they are a great size for dolls too πŸ˜‰


More About Will

Will wanted to tell you a bit more about himself today. His full name is Will (William) Reed and he is proud to call himself a bit of a geek. He loves science, space, animals and photography. He keeps a lot of pets including a spider, a tortoise, hamsters and Cornelius his pet rock of course! His favourite cartoon is Adventure Time, and he also loves Minions and has quite a collection of figures that he loves to photograph, as well as other toys and figures. He loves reading and has a small collection of The Hardy Boys books which he particularly enjoys. He also loves comic books, and National Geographic. He always keeps a set of screw drivers in his draw because he loves taking things apart to see how they work and putting them back together again. He does have a skateboard but he’s not very good at using it as one. Its usually got some string/rope attached to it and he uses it to cart home all the rocks and plants (and even the odd abandoned animal!) he finds when out exploring πŸ˜€ He’s not great at writing things down, it gets a bit muddled in his head sometimes; so he draws a lot of what he see’s instead.