Catching Up

Hi everyone! So, I’m back! Not that I think anyone missed me but yes, here I am again. I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog for so long. I’ve just really been struggling with my illness the last few months and it was making it difficult for me to enjoy things properly and so although I uploaded some photos to instagram and flickr, the blog got neglected for a while! As I said briefly, I found it difficult to enjoy my dolls properly for a while and I’ve been a lot more active on my Disney/Pixar instagram account @lucysroomtoys, but the dolls waited patiently for me and I’ve been getting back into taking their pictures again.

So before I resume proper posting, I thought I’d share a few pictures from Flickr since my last post ๐Ÿ™‚

Matty got all the way to the final round in BJD Runway. Here she is for one of the challenges, portrayingย Danai Gurira as Michonne in The Walking Dead:

BJD Runway

Here’s Tabitha just being her usual cute self, and Matty in a photo which was a Fashion Friday set that never made it onto the blog:


Fashion Friday - 30th September 2016

Olive got some wonderful trousers from our friend Kristin which she has hardly taken of, and has mostly been spending her time reading and eating cookies with Winnie:

Olive & Winnie


Tabby enjoyed walking with dinosaurs in her fabulous dinosaur dress she got from Spampy:

Walking with Dinosaurs

We welcome a new kitty to the family! I won him in a competition by Eve Studios, his name is Berlioz:


Kitty Comparison

I took some group photos of everyone together, and of the cats & dogs together:

Group Photo!

Cats & Dogs

I made a crown for Olive, and Tabby dressed up for Halloween:

Fashion Friday - 21st October 2016

Happy Halloween!

Tabby and Hanni got an early Christmas present, the cats caused havoc with the Christmas tree, Tabby enjoyed watching the train; and Olive & Milo left milk and cookies out for Santa:

Still here!


Nala & Tiberius


Christmas Eve

Hanni dressed up as Boo and some of the gang changed out of their Christmas clothes:





The kitties played on their cat tree. and Olive read some more to Winnie:


Olive & Winnie

Olive & Winnie


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