Resin Soul Zi

I had another new doll arrival yesterday. I actually ordered her a little while ago purely with the intention of using her body to hybrid with a Littlefee faceplate. I wanted a doll that would hopefully be a bit taller and more mature than the Littlefee to make a kind of pre-teen character. This girl seemed ok from her pictures etc and was fairly cheap so I decided to risk trying her.

She came in a little satin pillow inside a carry bag which is quite nice. I don’t seem to have a COA for her though so I don’t know if thats because they don’t come with one, or because the dealer I purchased her through forgot to put it in so I will have to check that out.

Resin Soul Zi

Resin Soul Zi

Her body is really very pretty. I like her skinny frame though her boobs could possibly be a bit smaller. The sculpting on her back is really nice and her hands and feet are fairly pretty too. When I ordered her I really didn’t like her head from the promo photos but it didn’t matter to me at the time as I wasn’t intending to use it. I’m still not entirely convinced by it but its better than I was expecting and may look better again with a faceup.

Resin Soul Zi

Most of Resin Soul’s 1/6 dolls are single jointed but I went for this girl because she is in on a new double jointed body. Her elbows are pretty good and she can bring her hand right up to her face and put her hands on her hips easily. I could make her stick her arms straight up in the air but I couldn’t get her to hold them out straight at her sides because she is too tightly strung and they kept snapping back down. With some glue sueding or wiring though she should be fine with that.

Resin Soul Zi

She has a joint in her torso which means she can lean back and forwards quite well.

Resin Soul Zi

Her knees are in theory double jointed but in comparison to most other dolls I have, her range is still pretty limited with them. They look really nice if she is sitting on a chair or lying on her back with her knees bent etc. She can kneel, but it doesn’t look pretty. You’d definitely want to cover her knees with trousers or be careful what angle you were taking the pictures from. She can’t sit cross legged or anything either.

Resin Soul Zi

Resin Soul Zi

In terms of sitting with her legs straight out in front of her, she manages it pretty well. She leans back a bit if you don’t make her support herself with her hands or make her slouch forward a bit at the torso, but overall she does do it pretty well.

Resin Soul Zi

She can lie on her tummy reasonably well. She is a bit too tightly strung though so can’t support herself on her arms too well as she is but I think if I glue suede her that will be better.

Resin Soul Zi

Clothing wise, she is going to be tricky to dress. She is too skinny for most normal YOSD clothes. Some Blythe dresses I have fit her tops, but they can’t be too fitted at the bust because of her boobs, and the sleeves can’t be too tight. Smock or a-line dresses seem to work best. Here she is wearing a Blythe dress, some Lati Yellow/Pukifee puffy bloomer pants and the skinniest pair of YOSD shoes I have.

Resin Soul Zi

Unfortunately, she is not going to work at all for what I had intended. She is too skinny and not quite tall enough to work as I’d hoped with the Littlefee. I think you could indeed hybrid her with a Littlefee faceplate, but for me personally she still wouldn’t work with my other Littlefee as she is not quite tall enough and she is too skinny next to their chubby kid bodies.

Resin Soul Zi

However, she may still get to stay here as she is actually really quite a lovely doll! We’ll see. Her head is too small for any of my wigs, she needs a faceup and she will be super tricky to dress nicely but she may get to stay for a little while.


Mini Disney Animator/11cm Obitsu Hybrids

I have a few of the mini Disney Animator toddler dolls but have always been frustrated by their lack of posing ability so I decided to try and find new bodies that I could use for them instead.

I have had obitsu bodies in the past and always been quite pleased with them so I decided to order two of the 11cm obitsu bodies to try. The skintones of the mini animator’s I have varies massively so I ordered one in natural skin and one in white skin.

When they arrived, the best colour matches were the natural skin for Kristoff and the white skin for Anna. The white would also look ok for Aurora and the natural for Merida but I chose to hybrid Anna and Kristoff as they are a cute pair, and although I may do Aurora and Merida in the future, they have a lot of hair which I think would have made them a bit heavy for the bodies. Here are Anna and Kristoff on their new bodies, with their old bodies next to them so you can see how different they are:

Mini Disney Animator/11cm Obitsu Hybrids

Although the colour match of the bodies was best for these two dolls, its not exact and you can notice a difference when they are nude. However, when they are clothed, its not that noticeable at all.


I ordered the basic bodies that come without magnets in the feet or the little magnetic standing platform. However, they still come with the extra neck peg pieces and some extra hands. For information, I used the neck peg piece that was already on the bodies for both Anna and Kristoff. Be warned, they take quite some forcing to get on haha!


As you can see, the obitsu bodies make them so much more poseable and they are very similar in size to their original bodies so they can still wear their stock outfits and shoes if you want them to. My pair are happier in new clothes though 🙂

Anna & Kristoff


And here are some bonus pictures of each of them as they are just so darn cute!! Anna has real attitude too haha!







Some Size Comparisons

I thought I’d take a few size comparison photos today. They aren’t the greatest as I didnt have the space to fit everyone in this time and the dolls are all wearing clothes so you can’t see their bodies properly next to each other. However, I’ll take some more nude comparisons in a couple of months when I will have a new size to compare 😉

I thought I’d start with my dolls that are around the 1/6 or YOSD size range. In the photo below we have (from left to right): 5StarDoll Aiden 5, Fairyland Littlefee, Fairyland Littlefee Baby, Fairyland Realfee and Pipos Cheshire.


I tried to add on my MSD boy but he is just too tall for me to fit on currently haha! Next time I do comparison shots, I will do it in a location where I can get far enough away with the camera to fit them all in. But he is a Doll Chateau Hugh and is taller and skinnier than your average MSD doll.

Next I added some of the smaller dolls onto the end of the YOSD size group. So carrying on from the Pipos Cheshire, we have an Elfdoll Edward, a Fairyland Pukipuki and a Small Comfort Baby.


Finally, I decided to do a little lineup of my BJD pets, although I am missing my BJD horse but he was a little too big to fit in these photos 😉 So from left to right we have: 5cm EveStudios Cat, DaisyDayes Frankenweenie Puppy, DaisyDayes Border Terrier Puppy, DaisyDayes Bully Puppy, DaisyDayes Hound Puppy, Iplehouse 4.5cm Pet Doll Beagle Puppy, and a DaisyDayes Chicken 🙂