The Good Puppy

I am having a crappy time with my chronic illness at the moment but just before I set off to the hospital for some treatment yesterday, a cute little bundle was delivered 🙂

Meet Arlo, named after the dinosaur in the upcoming Pixar movie “The Good Dinosaur”. He is one of the new Iplehouse Pet Doll Beagle puppies in the Space Black marking option.

He is just the cutest little thing! I was worried his posing was going to be fairly limited but its actually pretty good. His back legs are a bit loose which is a pain as I don’t really feel brave enough to try restringing him; but not so horrific that I can’t live with it. Iplehouse did send him with his eyes a bit wonky too and again, that is going to be tricky to correct without taking him apart so he will just have to be a little cross eyed 😀

I have several other dog BJDs created by artist DaisyDayes, and I thought Arlo was going to be a bit bigger than them but in actual fact, he is smaller than my smallest of those!! He has the most adorable body shape, really looks like a sweet baby pup; and if you look at his markings on his back, he has an adorable heart shape there!!!

He was shipped pretty fast from Iplehouse but did get held up in UK customs and I was stung with a £24 customs charge to release him but he was definitely worth it 🙂


Autumn Colours

We got some beautiful little Squashes (I’m not sure if the correct term for more than one Squash is still just Squash, or if it is Squashes; the internet seems to think both are acceptable lol) at the weekend to have with our Sunday roast dinner; but before we cooked them I knew they would be beautiful to use in an Autumnal photo shoot with some dolls 😀

The lucky pair who got a trip to the garden to be photographed with them were my Realfee boys, Odie (Pano) and Budo (Soso). They received some clothes in the post the day before from Ban so they were eager to try them out too 😀 Odie changes between being a regular pixie/elf/fairy and a faun and he decided to change into his faun form for these photos. His horns were made by the lovely Sparrow.


Tidy Up

I made another little video yesterday afternoon. I’d had an idea for attempting some stop motion videos using the BJD’s for a while and I decided to give it a go yesterday. Its my first attempt so its pretty awful but for a first go (and for something I knocked up in half an hour!), I am still fairly pleased with it 😀

I have already learnt a few things, such as I think it works better with at least 3 photos per “scene” (more if possible). I also had to reuse some photos/scenes as I hadn’t taken enough so in future I’ll have to try and storyboard them properly first so I make sure I get what I need.

The video stars Connie (Littlefee Baby Ruru), Odie (Realfee Pano) and Budo (Realfee Soso); and the music is “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino from the “Up” movie soundtrack.

And here are a few of the photos used in the film: