Fashion Friday – 5th May 2016

Bronwyn is back as our model today. She hasn’t had a huge amount of interesting camera time yet so I thought it only fair that she gets to model for Fashion Friday again 🙂

She is wearing a fairly simple outfit this week but I think its really pretty and delicate on her. For those that don’t know, Bronwyn is a Fairyland Littlefee Lishe with the default faceup. Her wig is from For My Doll and her eyes are from Alice’s Collections.


Her beautiful dress was made by Honeythorpe and is really one of the most lovely made items I have for the dolls. Sadly, she doesn’t seem to be making dolls clothes anymore which is a real shame as I would definitely be getting more if she did! It really is beautifully made. Bronwyn’s little bobby socks were made by Spampy, and her shoes are from Boneka. The shoes are the same size as the red pair I have shown a few times in Fashion Friday, but they are MUCH tighter. I really had to force them onto her feet with the socks on, They are leather though so they will soften over time which will make it easier. I really love these Boneka shoes though as they aren’t big and bulky like many YOSD size shoes are. Sadly, I cannot remember where Bronwyn’s lollipop came from but it sure does look yummy!



New Faces

I’ve had some new faces here lately so I thought I better introduce you to them all quickly 🙂



You already saw my Smiling Adori from Haru Casting in his box opening post but of course, he arrived blank so he had to be sent away to be painted to match my normal Adori head who had been sharing a Littlefee body. Well the smiling head is back from being painted now and I am thrilled because it really still looks like Hanni so I am going to enjoy having the two different heads to use in photos.

I also sent a Realfee Pupu faceplate away with him and she arrived back with him too. She will have to share a body with my boy Realfee for now but she is just so darn adorable that I will need to get a body for her at some point. I used to have a Realpuki Pupu (in fact, I had one twice lol) but she was just too small for me so I am thrilled to have this adorable face again in a size I love. She will be the same character that my Realpuki Pupu was so say hello to Mumble Pie ❤

Finally, you met my new Littlefee Lishe on Friday in the Fashion Friday post but I’ll show her again quickly. I wasn’t expecting her so soon! She literally took a month to be made and arrive brand new from Fairyland! I’ve never had a doll so quickly from them before. Her name is Bronwyn (Wyn for short).

Fashion Friday – 8th April 2016

Our model today is a surprise new face here at The Little Cupboard! I wanted to do a post introducing her first but she only arrived yesterday and I didn’t have the time so I will do that over the weekend instead.


Her name is Bronwyn (or Wyn for short) and she is a Fairyland Littlefee Lishe with the default faceup. She is currently wearing the default acrylic eyes she came with from Fairyland but I will be changing them soon. Her wig is from For My Doll. I had to cut her fringe (bangs) a bit as it was too long, and in fact I will probably trim it a little more at some point. It fits fairly well but does need a wig cap to keep it on as it is a little big (its a size 6/7).

Her hairband is from CottonHoney and came as part of a complete outfit a while ago but its a cute piece to put with a variety of outfits.

Her stripey t-shirt (it has long sleeves) was part of a set from Wimukt and her floral shirt is a vintage item presumably from a fashion doll of some kind but it has no label so I can’t tell you for sure unfortunately.

Her pants/jeggings are really well made but unfortunately I cannot remember where they were from so if anyone knows, please let me know so I can give proper credit. I’m 90% sure they were from a shop on Etsy but I can’t remember which and I can’t find it in my purchase history which leads me to believe that perhaps they aren’t operating any more which is a shame as they are really lovely.

Her bag is from QMagicDoll on Etsy and is super adorable. Its advertised for Blythe etc but it works well for the Littlefee. You can’t open it but its padded well to make it look like it has stuff in it 🙂

Finally, her boots are from Fairyland from the fullset outfit for the Littlefee Rose they released a couple of years ago. I had one for a while but she moved to a new home, as did the rest of her outfit except these boots which I kept as they are brilliant. They fit really nicely and are nice and easy to get on and off as they have a zip at the back. It may be possible to find them on the secondhand market.