A Rainy Day

I’ve been feeling pretty low with my illness recently and the terrible weather we have been having lately hasn’t been helping. Tabby would love to go out and play but I just can’t take her when the weather is as bad as this so she had to make do with watching movies with me instead 🙂 We were a bit naughty though and I didn’t exactly choose something age appropriate for her… We watched Kick Ass 2 and now she says she wants to be Hit Girl… Ooops!

A few people have asked me about her outfit in these photos so I may as well give you a complete run down on her styling in these shots. Her wig is a Monique “Bubbles” and her gold crown that she nearly always wears is from Pipos. She wears Mako eyes but I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you what style or colour they are, sorry!

Her dress and petti-skirt are from an outfit set from Pipos. It also came with a lovely knitted cardigan type thing but my other girl Littlefee, Matilda, was wearing it at the time 😉 Its such a beautiful set though and one of my absolute favorites that I own for the dolls. I’m afraid I can’t remember who made her tights, but her shoes are Boneka.


Catching Up

I have been finding it difficult to take photos and post things recently as I am having a difficult time with my illness and have lost the use of my right arm and hand at the moment and as its my dominant side, its very difficult for me to try and do everything with one hand and the wrong hand at that! My Dad helped me take a few photos lately though which are on my Flickr and my Instagram but I thought I’d do a quick update and post them here too.

Firstly, a new doll arrived! I already had a Littlefee Piki in natural skin whom I got secondhand a couple of years ago and he was already a couple of years old before I got him. Couple that with me taking him out a lot, he had therefore been getting really yellow and so I decided I would “replace” him and buy him again brand new so that I could also get his sleeping face. However, I took a bit of a risk and ordered him in tan. The gamble paid off and despite his darker skin tone, he is still very much the same character he was before and I am over the moon 🙂

Some other new little dolls that arrived recently are mini versions of the Disney Animator Toddler dolls. I got a few from the big collector’s set in a group split with some friends and I absolutely adore them. They are a much nicer size than the huge ones because they are easier to photograph and their legs bend which adds a few more posing opportunities for photos. I got Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, Aurora and Merida. Kristoff and Aurora are my favourites so here are a couple of photos of them helping me get the dresser ready for Christmas 🙂 Oh, and by the way, they fit into Pukipuki size clothes 😉

Because I have been feeling so down, I have started properly decorating the doll dresser for Christmas because it makes me happy so why the heck not? Plus, with one hand/arm, its taking a lot longer than usual so its best to start early 😉 My princess Tabby has been helping.

Finally, my boys have all been having a nice time playing with their new toys lately. Asa and Edward got some new Star Wars toys and are getting very excited about the new movie coming out in December; and Brave got some toys from The Good Dinosaur and he and his puppy Arlo are very excited when that opens on Friday! Thats all for now folks. I have a new project I am working on so hopefully I’ll have some things to add from that soon as and when I am well enough 🙂

Re-Post: Monty the Penguin

The new John Lewis Christmas advert made its official debut here in the UK today and once again, its beautiful and a real tearjerker! Its called Man on the Moon and you can watch it below:

So it reminded me of their gorgeous advert from last year, Monty the Penguin; of which I did my own little photographic tribute to with the help of Asa (Littlefee Shiwoo) and his own Monty. I shared them on my old blog last year so I thought I’d re-upload them here today. Watch the video below first, and my images are then underneath 🙂