The Gatherer’s Return

I caught Pidgin, Odie and Budo on their way back from gathering mushrooms and tomato’s earlier and snapped a few pics to share 😉

Gatherer's Return

Budo always gathers the mushrooms and Pidgin gets the tomatoes. Odie’s job is to carry the lantern as although its a beautiful day, some of the best mushrooms hide in the darkest of places 😉




Pssssst. Pidgin would also like to tell you that those tiny tomatoes are REAL! They are teeny tiny, called “Tomberries” and just right for dolls! So thrilled to find them! And they taste delicious too!



York Doll Meet – Part 2

We had the doll meet at the place where myself and my parents were staying in York which was a holiday cabin overlooking a lake. The weather was absolutely stunning (in fact, almost too stunning for photos!) so we were able to enjoy spending some time outside in the shade taking doll photos 🙂

Hazel (Jane’s Dollstown Seola7) was the first to discover some little fairy folk out playing in the shade of a tree. They were then watched over by Sheila’s beautiful Volks fairy Queen ❤

Will (Doll Chateau Hugh), Tabby (Littlefee Ante) and Hanni (Haru Casting Adori) enjoyed spending some time outside too. It was Will and Hanni’s first time going outside and I think they both enjoyed it 🙂 Will was a little hot in that jumper but I did manage to convince him to take it off later on 😉

Pidgin was happy to see his troll friend who was created at the same time as him. He lives with Emma now but is yet to reveal his name!


When I was able to convince Will to take his jumper off, he was eager to get back outside and try out the wonderful new magnifying glass that Jane and Hazel gave him ❤

And finally, when most the others had gone home, Tabby snuggled up next to Will on the sofa whilst he read to her from the new book that Jane and Hazel gave them. Thank you again to everyone who came to the meet; I had such a wonderful time ❤



Budo & Odie

I realised the other day that I have never actually taken any pics of my Realfee boys since I “finished” them with their wigs and clothes etc.


Budo is my Realfee Soso. He wears a red mohair wig from Kemper and Mako eyes. His blue stripe shirt was made by Ban’s Boutique, his stripey overalls and red hat were from SenDollyShop; and his boots are from SleepingElf.

Odie is my Realfee Pano and he wears a Fairyland wig that came with the fullset Littlefee PongPong a few years ago; and special eyes from Fairyland that came with the fullset Littlefee Rose. His hat is from his own fullset outfit and his overalls are also from Fairyland but you can buy them separately in their clothing section. His top is actually from one of the mini Lori fashion dolls from the Our Generation range; and his boots are from SleepingElf too.

I hope to share more photos and stories with them soon but hopefully these will do for now so you can see them now that they are complete 🙂