Our Generation: “The Reel Deal” Deluxe Outfit Set

You can buy Our Generation items here in the UK from Smyths Toys and online at My Doll Boutique, but the range isn’t as big as what’s available in the USA, plus they are quite highly priced here in comparison. However, there is a special members only discount website here called Achica which has new sales of items every day of heavily discounted stuff that only lasts a day or two until it is sold out; and a few weeks ago they had a bunch of Our Generation stuff available for really cheap prices, including a few sets that I haven’t seen available in the UK on other sites.

I got a few of them, mainly for Olive (my Dollstown Ganga 7yrs) to use so I am waiting for her to get back from her faceup before I show you them. However, this set I am showing you today works for a few of my dolls so I thought I’d get on and show you it whilst we wait for Olive to come home.

This is a deluxe outfit set called “The Reel Deal” which I mainly got because I wanted the fishing rod πŸ˜‰

Our Generation: The Reel Deal

It comes with a swim set (top and bottoms), sunhat, sunglasses, glittery jelly sandals, a fishing rod and a bucket.

Our Generation: The Reel Deal

Now the outfit just about works for my Disney Animator dolls. The swimsuit and sandals are a little big, the hat is a little small and the sunglasses are much too small; but I think she just about gets away with it. The fishing rod and bucket work absolutely fine for her.

Our Generation: The Reel Deal

The fishing rod also works really well for Will and Olive (please excuse her headless body lol!), although I do wish the rod wasn’t quite so pinky purple. I may paint it a different colour at some point. The bucket is fine for them both too and will probably be fine with the Littlefee/YOSDs as well. Generally, I’m pretty pleased with the set. I only really got it for the fishing rod but some of the other pieces work ok with my other kinds of dolls too so that is an added bonus πŸ™‚

Our Generation: The Reel Deal

Our Generation: The Reel Deal


Mini Disney Animator/11cm Obitsu Hybrids

I have a few of the mini Disney Animator toddler dolls but have always been frustrated by their lack of posing ability so I decided to try and find new bodies that I could use for them instead.

I have had obitsu bodies in the past and always been quite pleased with them so I decided to orderΒ two of the 11cm obitsu bodies to try. The skintones of the mini animator’s I have varies massively so I ordered one in natural skin and one in white skin.

When they arrived, the best colour matches were the natural skin for Kristoff and the white skin for Anna. The white would also look ok for Aurora and the natural for Merida but I chose to hybrid Anna and Kristoff as they are a cute pair, and although I may do Aurora and Merida in the future, they have a lot of hair which I think would have made them a bit heavy for the bodies. Here are Anna and Kristoff on their new bodies, with their old bodies next to them so you can see how different they are:

Mini Disney Animator/11cm Obitsu Hybrids

Although the colour match of the bodies was best for these two dolls, its not exact and you can notice a difference when they are nude. However, when they are clothed, its not that noticeable at all.


I ordered the basic bodies that come without magnets in the feet or the little magnetic standing platform. However, they still come with the extra neck peg pieces and some extra hands. For information, I used the neck peg piece that was already on the bodies for both Anna and Kristoff. Be warned, they take quite some forcing to get on haha!


As you can see, the obitsu bodies make them so much more poseable and they are very similar in size to their original bodies so they can still wear their stock outfits and shoes if you want them to. My pair are happier in new clothes though πŸ™‚

Anna & Kristoff


And here are some bonus pictures of each of them as they are just so darn cute!! Anna has real attitude too haha!







Duds for Disney’s

I have 3 of the large Disney Animator Toddler dolls from the Disney Store Β (as well as 6 of the mini ones) but I don’t really like to keep them in their stock outfits so I ordered some clothes for them from Etsy recently which came a couple of weeks ago and I finally got round to taking some photographs of them.


The dolls I have are Merida, Kristoff and Aurora. I’m not sure I’ll get any more as they are pretty big and therefore hard to store/display. I’m tempted by Jasmine or Snow White so I have a darker haired girl but I’m holding out to see if they release any others that I prefer in the future.

The shop I ordered from was based in the Ukraine and is called FairyTaleLOVEit. I actually only ordered 2 outfits as I already had one for Merida, but I was very pleased to get a message from the shop owner after I ordered saying she was running a promotion in the shop which meant I could choose one free thing from a selection she showed me.

The two outfits I actually ordered were the ones Merida and Kristoff are wearing and the one I selected for free is the one Aurora is wearing. I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with all the items and with the service from FairyTaleLOVEit. The shop owner responded very quickly to any questions and shipped really quickly. It took a little while to arrive (about a week and a half) but that isn’t surprising coming from Ukraine. Everything was packaged really well (sorry, I forgot to take pictures!) and it is all SO well made! The prices are terrific too so I would highly recommend this shop and I’m sure I will be ordering again. Thank you so much!!