What We Did in 2015

I made a little slideshow video showing all the adventures the Little Cupboard gang got up to in 2015 and thought you all might like to see it. I will probably do them every year now. I didn’t get to take as many photos as I normally would last year due to my illness, but in making this I was able to see that actually, we did accomplish a lot after all despite it 🙂


Tidy Up

I made another little video yesterday afternoon. I’d had an idea for attempting some stop motion videos using the BJD’s for a while and I decided to give it a go yesterday. Its my first attempt so its pretty awful but for a first go (and for something I knocked up in half an hour!), I am still fairly pleased with it 😀

I have already learnt a few things, such as I think it works better with at least 3 photos per “scene” (more if possible). I also had to reuse some photos/scenes as I hadn’t taken enough so in future I’ll have to try and storyboard them properly first so I make sure I get what I need.

The video stars Connie (Littlefee Baby Ruru), Odie (Realfee Pano) and Budo (Realfee Soso); and the music is “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino from the “Up” movie soundtrack.

And here are a few of the photos used in the film:

Making a Terrarium

Tabby was reading a book on how to make a terrarium so she thought she would have a go herself (with a little help from Bear!). I put the photos into a little video story which you can watch below, or you can read it as a picture story underneath 🙂

If you want a little Terrarium kit for your dolly friends too, I used this little Desktop Terrarium kit.

First, you need to find your vessel.


Next, layer the stones loosely along the bottom…


To try and prevent the bear getting bored, give him something to do 🙂


Now add your moss and plants…


At this point, the bear usually falls asleep 😀


Now it’s time to add your decorations!


Tabby has chosen some animal figurines 🙂


Its finished!


Now admire your creation…


Before rewarding yourself with some cookies!


At this point, the bear usually wakes up 😉