Mini Make: Cat Tease Toy

Today I decided to make another little toy for my BJD cat, Nala. I previously made her a cat tree (though I may remake it soon) and thought she could do with another toy that the BJD kids could play with her with. Tabby and Hanni decided to help me πŸ™‚

First of all, you will need a lollipop, some feather trim (or just some craft feathers) and also glue and scissors which I forgot to picture.


Now the first thing you have to do, and its REALLY hard… is eat the lollipop πŸ˜€ You need to eat it because we want the stick! Of course, if you have some cake pop sticks or kebab sticks laying around at home, you can use those too but I think using a lollipop stick is much more fun. Hanni agrees πŸ˜€


Before we carry on, Tabby wanted to let you know that feather trim makes the most perfect feather boa for dressing up too πŸ˜‰


When you have finished your lollipop, cut a piece off the feather trim and glue it to one end of the stick. The stick on this lollipop was plastic and hollow so I put a little bit of glue inside the stick and then stuffed one end of the trim inside the stick to make it more secure. I then put a little blob of glue on the other end of the feather trim to stop it from fraying. The End! One cat tease toy for your BJD cat!


Here are some extra pictures of Tabby and Hanni playing with Nala and her new toy (and the feather boa!). I think they all approve!


Some Size Comparisons

I thought I’d take a few size comparison photos today. They aren’t the greatest as I didnt have the space to fit everyone in this time and the dolls are all wearing clothes so you can’t see their bodies properly next to each other. However, I’ll take some more nude comparisons in a couple of months when I will have a new size to compare πŸ˜‰

I thought I’d start with my dolls that are around the 1/6 or YOSD size range. In the photo below we have (from left to right): 5StarDoll Aiden 5, Fairyland Littlefee, Fairyland Littlefee Baby, Fairyland Realfee and Pipos Cheshire.


I tried to add on my MSD boy but he is just too tall for me to fit on currently haha! Next time I do comparison shots, I will do it in a location where I can get far enough away with the camera to fit them all in. But he is a Doll Chateau Hugh and is taller and skinnier than your average MSD doll.

Next I added some of the smaller dolls onto the end of the YOSD size group. So carrying on from the Pipos Cheshire, we have an Elfdoll Edward, a Fairyland Pukipuki and a Small Comfort Baby.


Finally, I decided to do a little lineup of my BJD pets, although I am missing my BJD horse but he was a little too big to fit in these photos πŸ˜‰ So from left to right we have: 5cm EveStudios Cat, DaisyDayes Frankenweenie Puppy, DaisyDayes Border Terrier Puppy, DaisyDayes Bully Puppy, DaisyDayes HoundΒ Puppy, Iplehouse 4.5cm Pet Doll Beagle Puppy, and a DaisyDayes Chicken πŸ™‚

Nala’s New Toy

I wanted to share something I made recently with you. Unfortunately I didn’t write a tutorial as its something I just threw together with some bits and bobs I had lying around and wasn’t really planned. My mum had to help me a bit because I still only have the use of one arm so crafting can be quite a challenge! It was mostly my own work though πŸ˜‰

So the thing I made was a cat tree for Nala, my EveStudios cat! Its something I’d been wanting to make for a while but never got round to it, and its not exactly what I had in mind, but I am still pretty thrilled with it!


The base is a piece of sturdy card (cut from an old box) with a piece of fleece fabric glued to it; and the sleeping platform at the top is the same, but its stuffed with some stuffing from one of my real dog’s toys that she had torn to shreds earlier in the evening haha! The scratching post is a sturdy cardboard tube with twine threaded all the way around it; and the tunnel tube is another sturdy cardboard tube covered with hessian fabric. So basically, all I used was an old cardboard box, some old fleece fabric, some dog toy stuffing (lol!), some twine and a bit of glue and sticky back plastic!

I would prefer the scratching post tube to be taller but for a first attempt I am pretty happy. I may make another one in the future but this one is more than adequate for now and Nala seems pretty pleased with it too πŸ™‚