What We Did in 2015

I made a little slideshow video showing all the adventures the Little Cupboard gang got up to in 2015 and thought you all might like to see it. I will probably do them every year now. I didn’t get to take as many photos as I normally would last year due to my illness, but in making this I was able to see that actually, we did accomplish a lot after all despite it 🙂


Autumn Colours

We got some beautiful little Squashes (I’m not sure if the correct term for more than one Squash is still just Squash, or if it is Squashes; the internet seems to think both are acceptable lol) at the weekend to have with our Sunday roast dinner; but before we cooked them I knew they would be beautiful to use in an Autumnal photo shoot with some dolls 😀

The lucky pair who got a trip to the garden to be photographed with them were my Realfee boys, Odie (Pano) and Budo (Soso). They received some clothes in the post the day before from Ban so they were eager to try them out too 😀 Odie changes between being a regular pixie/elf/fairy and a faun and he decided to change into his faun form for these photos. His horns were made by the lovely Sparrow.