Fashion Friday – 4th March 2016

I got some new clothes in the mail today, some of which were especially for Brave so it made sense that he would model for Fashion Friday today 🙂


As usual, he has his default acrylic eyes and his wig is from Frapzilla (you can read my thoughts on it in Brave’s first Fashion Friday post here).

Now let me tell you what happened which led to me getting these clothes. I thought I would try adding a Pukifee to my little resin family again. I’ve had them before and for a while they worked well for me but as soon as I got Littlefee/YOSD size dolls, the pukifee just didn’t work for me anymore and I downright hated them actually lol. Love seeing them in other people’s photos but for me personally, I didn’t like owning them as dolls. So I sold all the Pukifee I originally had. However, I decided I would try them again as I thought they would be a nice size to take out and about with me sometimes. So I had two pukifee on the way to me but no clothes left for them as I’d sold them all previously, so I went online and ordered some items from GuguModa on etsy. However, the very day I ordered the clothes, one of the pukifee then showed up… and I hated it instantly! Never should have got them again. Not for me AT ALL! So I contacted the lovely lady who runs GuguModa and asked her if she would very kindly let me change my order to get some Littlefee sized items instead. Luckily for me she agreed (thank you SO much!) and the wonderful items arrived today! I am so thrilled with them! I have had a Littlefee onesie from her before so I already knew the quality of her clothes was great, but these I received today are also fantastic. Really well made and such lovely fabrics. They also arrived really fast!

So Brave is wearing some leggings and a hoodie from GuguModa ❤ Now the leggings are actually slightly short on him as he is a little taller than a Littlefee but it really doesn’t matter as his shoes cover it. The hoodie is meant to have dragon’s on it but Brave is insisting they are dinosaurs, like him (Brave is part dinosaur for those that don’t know) 😉 As I said, all beautifully made and although the hoodie especially was purchased with Brave in mind, I’m sure the Littlefee will share with him too. Its also worth noting that Brave is an Aiden 5 so while he is slightly taller than the Littlefee, his is SHORTER than the original Aiden’s from 5StarDoll.

His kerchief and shoes have been seen in Fashion Friday before, with the kerchief being from Little Amelie and the shoes from RubyRedGalleria. His dinosaur pal is a figure of Arlo from the Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur 🙂



2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – 4th March 2016

    • thelittlecupboard says:

      Oh absolutely. No more Pukifee for me EVER haha! Well. I say that. I think the only Pukifee that could ever tempt me back again would be a Pukifee Piki if they ever released one. But I think the chances of that happening are pretty unlikely.

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